Official Symbol for the Indian Rupee

7 07 2010

Most of the major currencies in the world are recognized by their own proprietary symbols like – $ for the US Dollar, € for the European Euro, £ for the British Pound and ¥ for the Japanese Yen.

With the Indian economy booming and the world taking a serious notice of the same, it was high time that a symbol representing the Indian currency – Rupee, was also introduced. Although, the Rupee has been unofficially represented by symbols such as Rs. and रू till now, there is no official symbol for the currency yet.

In March 2009, however, the Indian Government organized a public contest justly titled “Symbol for Indian Rupee” for designing the official symbol for the Indian currency. The contest lasted approximately a year and the government had to shortlist 5 entries, out of which the winning symbol would be finally selected.

The Reserve Bank of India (R.B.I.) and the Finance Ministry, together shortlisted five entries for the rupee sign last month, all of them designed to mirror the country’s rich history and culture. All the five shortlisted designs are simple and uncomplicated, for both the countrymen and the globe. The government is expected to announce the winning entry anytime in the coming weeks.

Shortlisted Designs

Shortlisted entries for the Rupee Symbol

Well, if I had to choose the official symbol for the Indian Rupee, I would definitely go for the 2nd entry. It looks professional as well as elegant at the same time.

What do you think?




8 responses

7 07 2010

I think all of them will be rejected. The only signature that comes close (for me) is the third one coz it is easier to draw and everyone will be able to write it …..just like they do for a ‘$’ sign.

7 07 2010

Well, Kulashekhar – there’s no chance of all of them being rejected as they are the shortlisted entries and one of them has to be selected as the final symbol representing the Indian currency.

7 07 2010

These are not the actual shortlisted symbols.
Original shortlisted entries not yet revealed to the media.

7 07 2010
CooL Vick$

Oh! Really… And what makes you think like that?

15 07 2010

Well Vicks …….it seems that you were wrong, the results are out…… Rahul was right…..the Official symbols weren’t ‘out’ back then. And I was also right…..when I said that “all of them should get rejected”. Please don’t post such fake information in the future. :p

15 07 2010

Kulashekhar and Rahul, the symbols were shortlisted in June itself. So, it was not a fake piece of information.
You can read a report by Times of India about the same:

However, why they scrapped all the shortlisted designs is anybody’s guess.

15 07 2010

I don’t know about anyone else……I did say that all the symbols will be rejected as they are difficult to draw…….having said that…..even the current symbol is not that great either.

15 07 2010

Well, I guess they were just looking for a good looking mixture of ‘R’ , ‘र’ and €. 🙂

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