King of Pop – Still Alive !?!

9 07 2010

MJ [1958 - ????]

On 25th June 2009, people around the world got a huge shock when they got to know that the undisputed King of Pop – Michael Jackson had passed away. The music industry, critics, media, and especially the fans were shattered with this news because Michael Jackson was supposed to make a comeback with a series of ‘final’ concerts in London called “This is it” and the fans of the man were really looking forward on these final live performances, which incidentally had been the mega star’s forte. Even the tickets for the concerts were sold out months before the concerts were scheduled to happen.


With this hard hitting news making waves across the globe, there were diehard fans like me who just couldn’t believe the news and were constantly dismissing the news to be just a rumor and praying hard thinking that “This is NOT it!…”. But, as time passed and with post-mortem and other reports getting the light of the day, the news nonetheless hard to endure, finally started to sink in.

It’s been more than a year now that the King of Pop is no more; however two ladies from Netherlands – Souza (28) and Monique (41) strongly believe that the news of Michael Jackson’s death is a big hoax and he is still alive and kicking, waiting for the right time to make a comeback someday. They have even started a website about the same and have loads of material supporting their theories. Since they started the website, they’ve got a lot of threats, even death threats and numerous DoS (Denial of Service) attacks on the website. The website’s popularity has soared leaps and bounds, getting a million+ hits a day, so much so that UK’s biggest selling newspaper – ‘The SUN’ also contacted these two ladies for an article to be published about their website and what makes them think that the greatest performer ever is still alive.

The Website and the facts which the two owners have presented in defense of their theories are very interesting and will definitely make you think twice on what is fact and what could be fiction. Even if you’re not a big fan of the man, a dekko is must.

To visit the above mentioned contentious website, click HERE.




One response

18 11 2010
N.Seethaa Raman

wow what a man he is, he is still alive in allof our heartswe love you forever mj

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