Why MF Husain’s demise should be devoid of any importance

11 06 2011

  • Its a National Loss – for Qatar.  In 2010 Hussain accepted Qatari Citizenship. This was nothing but a blow to India and all the Indians. Why would someone accept citizenship of a different country with which he/she has nothing to do except sharing the major religion followed in the country? I wonder if Qatar would have provided him the “creative freedom” to draw Mohammad (forget about drawing him inappropriately).
  • Never Apologized – What good is Art if it is hurting other people’s sentiments. It was not an isolated case. Controversies have been there and tackled with lot more humility. Mandira Bedi Apologized for naming her dogs, Fardeen Khan apologized for using drugs…. and they were forgiven. But MF was adamant and instead of any apology he simply kept drawing obnoxious stuff. What should he expect ??
  • A Traitor – By drawing ‘Bharat Mata’ nude he did nothing but disrespect. A gross disrespect to our motherland that fits to deem him as a traitor. I wonder if he would even dream to draw his real mother in that way. There is always a line between creative expression and absurdity.
  • Media Gimmick –  Its only in this so called Democratic country that you have Media and News channels praising eulogies of a person who dare so much as to show disrespect for the Nation. This country seems to be full of sick people trying to create issues and gain political mileage. I wonder if there would be any such media coverage in Bangladesh when Taslema Nasreen dies in India, or in Egypt when Hosni Mobarak dies in some unknown country.
  • Land of Talent –  There is no remorse if a world celebrated Indian Painter died in England in obscurity, for he did not know how to behave in his motherland. India has a lot of talent. Countless Artists, Artisans, Engineers, Scientists a lot more who know how to put Country first and their work second. There is no loss if we forget one berserk artist who went out of mind. He did not deserve this country.

DISCLAIMER: Although, I am in full agreement with the above points, they were not penned by me, nor are my original thoughts. This article comes ‘as is’ (except for a few grammatical and typo mistakes here and there) directly from a mail which I got recently and the full credit goes to the original (unknown) writer.




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