Dual Sim Capability for iPhone 4 !?

1 09 2010

In this era of booming communication, almost all of us have at least two mobile numbers for various reasons. In such a scenario, Dual Sim Mobiles act as a blessing as they allow you to keep just one phone using two different Sim Cards for making and/or receiving calls from either of the numbers.

But, for people like me, who own an iPhone and can’t even think of parting with it for a second, having two numbers poses a problem as it would require either to:

  1. Purchase two iPhones (one for each Sim) or
  2. Apple to build the Dual Sim functionality in an upcoming iPhone model

Purchasing two iPhones can be a costly affair as compared to buying a local Dual Sim Phone, which you can purchase in as little as 45$. Also, according to industry insiders Apple has not even thought of Dual Sim capability for the iPhone as of yet, leave apart implementing it. And of course, with the recent and infamous iPhone 4 "Antennagate" fiasco, Apple would (and really should) need to think twice before including any such major change in the future models as well.

So, what does an iPhone lover do if:

  • he really does need both the numbers together
  • doesn’t want to use a different phone other than an iPhone
  • but also can’t afford to possess two iPhones due to obvious reasons

Well, fret not. A new iPhone 4 case enables you to do just that – Use two Sim Cards together in your iPhone 4!. Yes, you read it right, Dual Sim capability introduced in the iPhone 4 that too with a protective case.

To see or purchase the product for your iPhone 4, click HERE.




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