Breaking the Apple’s Code

26 07 2010

iphone-jailbreakAs if the ‘Antennagate’ debacle was not enough already for Apple, the US Government announced new rules today which in turn make the ‘Jailbreaking’ of all the Apple iDevices – iPods, iPads and iPhones by their owners totally legal. The ruling also legalizes the ‘Unlocking’ process of the Apple iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »


Rupee Gets It’s Official Symbol

15 07 2010

The verdict is out – The cabinet has given its nod on the symbol which was selected by a five member panel out of all the entries which had been received in response to the contest organized by the Indian Government to select an official symbol for the Indian Currency – Rupee.

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Official Symbol for the Indian Rupee

7 07 2010

Most of the major currencies in the world are recognized by their own proprietary symbols like – $ for the US Dollar, € for the European Euro, £ for the British Pound and ¥ for the Japanese Yen.

With the Indian economy booming and the world taking a serious notice of the same, it was high time that a symbol representing the Indian currency – Rupee, was also introduced. Although, the Rupee has been unofficially represented by symbols such as Rs. and रू till now, there is no official symbol for the currency yet.

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