Why MF Husain’s demise should be devoid of any importance

11 06 2011

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King of Pop – Still Alive !?!

9 07 2010

MJ [1958 - ????]

On 25th June 2009, people around the world got a huge shock when they got to know that the undisputed King of Pop – Michael Jackson had passed away. The music industry, critics, media, and especially the fans were shattered with this news because Michael Jackson was supposed to make a comeback with a series of ‘final’ concerts in London called “This is it” and the fans of the man were really looking forward on these final live performances, which incidentally had been the mega star’s forte. Even the tickets for the concerts were sold out months before the concerts were scheduled to happen.

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Death of Cli.gs

21 06 2010

I hate to state it, but it seems the most popular and effective URL shortening and redirection service on the Web – “Cli.gs” popularly known as just “Cligs” has died an untimely death. Unfortunately, this also means that you won’t be able to access this blog using the short and cute “cli.gs/vfeels” URL.

The Cli.gs service encountered it’s first blow last October, when it’s then owner announced that he is unable to support the service further and is open for an acquisition offer. The news had created a furore among the many users of the service, some even willing to form a collaborative fund raiser to save it from going kaput.

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