Delhi AirPort Express: Reality Check-In

4 07 2011

Indira Gandhi International Airport, DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) and Reliance Infrastructure have recently started a seemingly time saving and convenient service from the heart of New Delhi for fliers who wish to board a flight from IGI’s Terminal 3 (T3). The service is called the Airport Express or the Gold Line.

Since, we (me and my wife) had to fly to Pune from New Delhi last week and the flight was scheduled to take off from T3, we decided to give our routine ‘take-a-cab’ option a boot and try the Airport Express this time around. Although, it was not very convenient to first change two Metro lines to reach the New Delhi Metro station and then board the Airport Express, our earlier experience of the Airport Express in Hong Kong had been so pleasant that we could not help but think that it would be a similar experience here as well.

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How To: Manually Enable SAFE Mode on an iPhone

12 05 2010

The other day I was trying out something on my iPhone and incidentally found a way to change the way my iPhone goes into and comes out of the Standby mode. Unfortunately, while trying out this new discovery, disaster struck and I was no longer able to get out of the Standby mode as the “Slide to Unlock” slider stopped responding. I wasn’t able to receive calls and hard rebooting the iPhone didn’t help either. After about 4½ hours of painstaking hardship, I finally called it quits and decided to restore my iPhone using iTunes. But, restoring meant losing the pictures, contacts, notes and messages which I had updated since I last synced my iPhone with my Computer, which incidentally was a long time back (2 months to be precise) and therefore it meant losing a lot of precious data. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, the idea of booting my iPhone in Safe Mode struck my mind. I rebooted my iPhone in Safe Mode, reverted the changes I did which had inadvertently caused the trouble and restarted the phone in normal mode. And Voila! I was back to business within a few minutes.

Safe Mode Screen Safe Mode Screen on an iPhone

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