Breaking the Apple’s Code

26 07 2010

iphone-jailbreakAs if the ‘Antennagate’ debacle was not enough already for Apple, the US Government announced new rules today which in turn make the ‘Jailbreaking’ of all the Apple iDevices – iPods, iPads and iPhones by their owners totally legal. The ruling also legalizes the ‘Unlocking’ process of the Apple iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »


iRemote – Intelligent Remote in an iPod !?

27 03 2010

My wife recently had an official trip scheduled for Pune – the second largest city of Maharashtra, India and she insisted that I accompany her as it had been some time that we had ventured out of our home city – New Delhi. Though, I am usually very keen in visiting and exploring new places, somehow I was reluctant to go as I was unsure if the city would have enough places of interest for me to explore alone in the scorching heat while my wife would be busy in her official meetings throughout the day.

Just two days before she was to leave, I asked her about the Hotel in which she will be staying in while in Pune, to which she gave me a name – which honestly didn’t ring any bells as I had never heard the name of the Hotel before. Out of sheer curiosity as to what kind of Hotel was this and what were the facilities it offered its guests, I browsed it’s website after searching for it in good old Google. To my surprise, the Hotel seemed to be running successfully in 3 prominent cities in India and offered some unique and interesting facilities like – ‘In Room Check-In and Check-Out’ and ‘Personal Butler and Chef for every Room’ to name a few. Out of all these facilities, the one which was most striking and extraordinary IMO was a device they were offering, through which you could wirelessly control anything and everything of your room. Switch lights on and off, control the air conditioning, turn blinds up or down, control your TV, browse the Internet, access a 5,000 strong movie library, play music of your choice etc. Being Technologically inclined and equally curious, I wanted to see what this device could be like and if it actually did all of the things as advertised on the Website. And, thus I decided to accompany my better half on her official trip.

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