Dual Sim Capability for iPhone 4 !?

1 09 2010

In this era of booming communication, almost all of us have at least two mobile numbers for various reasons. In such a scenario, Dual Sim Mobiles act as a blessing as they allow you to keep just one phone using two different Sim Cards for making and/or receiving calls from either of the numbers.

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Breaking the Apple’s Code

26 07 2010

iphone-jailbreakAs if the ‘Antennagate’ debacle was not enough already for Apple, the US Government announced new rules today which in turn make the ‘Jailbreaking’ of all the Apple iDevices – iPods, iPads and iPhones by their owners totally legal. The ruling also legalizes the ‘Unlocking’ process of the Apple iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »

Got it finally… But wait!

14 07 2010

After a wait of almost 2 weeks, I finally got one of the most coveted phones of the moment – Apple iPhone 4 on 10th July 2010. Having owned the original iPhone since 2007, I had been waiting for a decent upgrade option, but was not very excited with the options being offered in the market by various Mobile manufacturers. Even Apple’s upgrades to the original iPhone were a feeble attempt as compared to the original. But with iPhone 4, the picture has changed, at least that’s what it seems till I actually start using the phone myself.

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Traffic Menders or Benders !?

27 05 2010

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I secretly took this picture from my iPhone while going from Janakpuri to Dwarka in New Delhi. There was a small traffic jam at the "Dabri Mod" crossing and most bikers opted to stray their bikes on the footpaths out of impatience. Unfortunately, a Traffic Police Cop who was also on a bike preferred to follow suit instead of stopping the bikers from breaking the law.

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How To: Manually Enable SAFE Mode on an iPhone

12 05 2010

The other day I was trying out something on my iPhone and incidentally found a way to change the way my iPhone goes into and comes out of the Standby mode. Unfortunately, while trying out this new discovery, disaster struck and I was no longer able to get out of the Standby mode as the “Slide to Unlock” slider stopped responding. I wasn’t able to receive calls and hard rebooting the iPhone didn’t help either. After about 4½ hours of painstaking hardship, I finally called it quits and decided to restore my iPhone using iTunes. But, restoring meant losing the pictures, contacts, notes and messages which I had updated since I last synced my iPhone with my Computer, which incidentally was a long time back (2 months to be precise) and therefore it meant losing a lot of precious data. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, the idea of booting my iPhone in Safe Mode struck my mind. I rebooted my iPhone in Safe Mode, reverted the changes I did which had inadvertently caused the trouble and restarted the phone in normal mode. And Voila! I was back to business within a few minutes.

Safe Mode Screen Safe Mode Screen on an iPhone

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