Dual Sim Capability for iPhone 4 !?

1 09 2010

In this era of booming communication, almost all of us have at least two mobile numbers for various reasons. In such a scenario, Dual Sim Mobiles act as a blessing as they allow you to keep just one phone using two different Sim Cards for making and/or receiving calls from either of the numbers.

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Breaking the Apple’s Code

26 07 2010

iphone-jailbreakAs if the ‘Antennagate’ debacle was not enough already for Apple, the US Government announced new rules today which in turn make the ‘Jailbreaking’ of all the Apple iDevices – iPods, iPads and iPhones by their owners totally legal. The ruling also legalizes the ‘Unlocking’ process of the Apple iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »

Sayonara Nexus One

20 07 2010

First it was Microsoft which pulled the plug on it’s smartphone line "KIN" just weeks within its release in June 2010 and now Google has pulled the plug on its once touted ‘iPhone Killer’ – Nexus One, which it manufactured in collaboration with the Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer HTC.

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Sharp to launch 100GB Blu-Ray Disc

19 07 2010

Sharp – The Japanese electronics giant recently announced that they will release a recordable Blu-Ray disc named ‘BDXL’ by the end of this month which will be able to store a whopping 100 Gigabytes of data.

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Apple iPhone 4 – Will It Change Everything… Again?

6 07 2010

When Apple introduced iPhone in 2007, it was an advent of a revolution. It actually changed everything. Sadly enough, I was one of those people who initially condemned iPhone without even using it due to the following factors with reasons accompanying them:

  • Look Ma!, no buttons – How would I type those long SMSes!? I hate the onscreen keypads I’ve been using on the HTC Touch.
  • No Memory Expansion Card Slot either – I was used to filling all of my Nokia Phones and memory cards with loads of music, pictures and applications.
  • Irreplaceable Li-ion Battery – Li-ion battery will inadvertently die someday; also what if the Phone gets hung by some application, you just can’t remove the battery, replace it and restart the phone.
  • Looks delicate – Accidents do happen, what if the screen breaks?.

But, these factors soon dwindled as the furore of approval for the iPhone grew larger and larger across the globe. It made me reconsider my foolish and prejudiced dislike, making me buy the original iPhone in December 2007, just to see what was making the world go gaga over the device. And boy, am I glad on my decision. iPhone 2G is the best mobile phone I’ve ever owned. Read the rest of this entry »

Death of Cli.gs

21 06 2010

I hate to state it, but it seems the most popular and effective URL shortening and redirection service on the Web – “Cli.gs” popularly known as just “Cligs” has died an untimely death. Unfortunately, this also means that you won’t be able to access this blog using the short and cute “cli.gs/vfeels” URL.

The Cli.gs service encountered it’s first blow last October, when it’s then owner announced that he is unable to support the service further and is open for an acquisition offer. The news had created a furore among the many users of the service, some even willing to form a collaborative fund raiser to save it from going kaput.

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How To: Manually Enable SAFE Mode on an iPhone

12 05 2010

The other day I was trying out something on my iPhone and incidentally found a way to change the way my iPhone goes into and comes out of the Standby mode. Unfortunately, while trying out this new discovery, disaster struck and I was no longer able to get out of the Standby mode as the “Slide to Unlock” slider stopped responding. I wasn’t able to receive calls and hard rebooting the iPhone didn’t help either. After about 4½ hours of painstaking hardship, I finally called it quits and decided to restore my iPhone using iTunes. But, restoring meant losing the pictures, contacts, notes and messages which I had updated since I last synced my iPhone with my Computer, which incidentally was a long time back (2 months to be precise) and therefore it meant losing a lot of precious data. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, the idea of booting my iPhone in Safe Mode struck my mind. I rebooted my iPhone in Safe Mode, reverted the changes I did which had inadvertently caused the trouble and restarted the phone in normal mode. And Voila! I was back to business within a few minutes.

Safe Mode Screen Safe Mode Screen on an iPhone

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