Sharp to launch 100GB Blu-Ray Disc

19 07 2010

Sharp – The Japanese electronics giant recently announced that they will release a recordable Blu-Ray disc named ‘BDXL’ by the end of this month which will be able to store a whopping 100 Gigabytes of data.

A Sharp employee displays the new BDXL Blu-ray disc

The disc will be the World’s first triple layered disc having a capacity which is twice as much as the current dual layered Blu-Ray discs having a capacity of 50 GB. This new format allows users to record about 12 hours of full HD terrestrial digital television broadcasts, or 8.6 hours of full HD satellite digital broadcasts, without any loss in the image quality. However, if the image quality is lowered, recording time can be furthered by up to 10 times, making it possible to store even a library of four entire seasons of a TV series on a single disc.

This disc will be only write once and not re-writable and will be available from 30th July 2010 at a price tag of around 5,000 ¥ (approximately 2,700 Rs). Sharp will also concurrently release recorders such as the “Aquos Blu-Ray BD-HDW700” which will be capable of writing on these discs.




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