Got it finally… But wait!

14 07 2010

After a wait of almost 2 weeks, I finally got one of the most coveted phones of the moment – Apple iPhone 4 on 10th July 2010. Having owned the original iPhone since 2007, I had been waiting for a decent upgrade option, but was not very excited with the options being offered in the market by various Mobile manufacturers. Even Apple’s upgrades to the original iPhone were a feeble attempt as compared to the original. But with iPhone 4, the picture has changed, at least that’s what it seems till I actually start using the phone myself.

So, what’s stopping me from opening this gem and giving it a go?

Two reasons:

1. It is still locked to AT&T – Though the original iPhone hacker GeoHot (George Francis Hotz) has put off rumors that he’s going to release a jailbreak and unlock solution for iPhone 4 (though he has achieved it already), there are numerous other hackers out there including the iPhone Dev Team who’re trying hard to break open Apple’s locking code and open it for the world. Till that happens, I guess I would appreciate the packaging for some more time and rely on my good old iPhone 2G for making and receiving calls.

2. Apple has introduced Micro SIM in iPhone 4 – With Apple slimming and trimming down the iPhone 4, the adoption of Micro SIM over the comparatively larger Mini SIM doesn’t come in as a surprise. However, the Micro SIM concept is still new in the telecommunication world and not many carriers or Cell Phone manufacturers have adopted it. So, I am sure AirTel definitely won’t be the one issuing me a Micro SIM, at least till the time it officially launches iPhone 4 in India (which will not happen till early next year). So, I’m in a dilemma whether to order a Micro SIM adapter over the Internet or make my own by cutting my current SIM carefully.

Mini SIM Micro SIM

Common Mini SIM vs Micro SIM introduced in the iPhone 4.

With the two hackers: MuscleNerd and PlanetBeing, announcing their successful Jailbreak and Unlocking of the iPhone 4 just recently, it won’t be long before they release their solution officially. The SIM issue is still a sore though. Let’s see how and when I would be able to carefully cut my SIM and convert it into a Micro SIM. However, cutting the SIM will make it incompatible with all the other phones which use the Mini SIM format. Thus, buying a Micro SIM adapter seems a more feasible option for now.

Will keep you posted though, as I progress in my conquest of the iPhone 4. In the meantime, checkout the first few shots of the iPhone 4 Box below:







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