Free Candy Sample Bag Offer

20 05 2010

The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, a division of Mars, Inc. is offering a free sample bag of their famous candy "Skittles" – a chewy fruit flavoured candy famous for their hard colored sugar shells which carry the letter ‘S’ on them.

The free sample is being offered as part of a promotional campaign which is surprisingly being done Wordlwide, including countries where the Candy is not even available.


To receive a free sample, all a person needs to do is click on the below link, enter his/her E-Mail Address and select the country of residence.

Click here to receive your own FREE Skittles Candy Sample Bag.

Hurry!, by the time I posted this, 1,78,505 free bags of Skittles had already been dispatched.


P.S.: Please ensure that you note down the Pin Code generated by the System as it might be needed in the future.




One response

21 05 2010

If this is for real then great! Already forwarded to > 50 ppl.

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