3D Fashion Eyewear – A Reality in the Offing

16 05 2010

Picture this – You’re watching a 3D Movie with a pair of 3D glasses sitting comfortably on your nose and the person sitting next to you blurts out “Nice glasses, where did you get them from…?”.

The way 3D glasses have been designed till now with cheap materials being used both for the frame as well as the glasses, this kind of a scenario seems far from reality. And with 3D venturing into the Homes with 3D LCD and LED HDTVs, the scenario only gets worse.

But, wait no more. An Australian company is trying to change the way we experience 3D. They’ve unveiled a quartet of 3D fashion eyewear collections that will have you watching the 3D version of any movie in style. You can pick from a range of frames from the Disposables Collection, Movie Collection, Designer Collection or Directors Collection.

Models Models sporting designer 3D Glasses

Surprisingly, some of the glasses are so lightly tinted that it is hard to tell if they’re even 3D ready or not. The glasses are covered by a six to twelve-month warranty, depending on the pair selected and can also be customized with a medical prescription for an extra fee. Additionaly each pair is also RealD-certified (RealD are the world leaders in 3D) for the best possible 3D viewing experience, either on a 3D HDTV or in a cinema hall.

With the unprecedented success of Avatar’s 3D version, more and more studios are producing 3D versions of movies with their 2D counterparts. Thus, it will be a good idea to grab one of these and watch your 3D movies in style, especially if you’re one of those cleanliness freaks, who would not prefer to wear an already worn pair of 3D glasses by someone else (a common scenario in Cinema Halls).

However, the pricing of these glasses is yet to be announced on their official website. I just hope they make them light on the pockets so that everyone can enjoy 3D movies the way they’re meant to be.

Click HERE to visit their official WebSite.




2 responses

18 05 2010

So, when are you going to buy a pair for you and your sweetheart??
As I really feel that you are fond of innovative things -–<@

Anyways, I really liked the Model No. LK3D80320DC from their Designer collection.

20 05 2010

Am getting naughty ideas.

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