Full Traffic Blockage for the President, PM and Sonia !?

10 04 2010

As per the new VVIP gradation done by the Special Commissioner of Traffic on the request of Mr. Y.S. Dadhwal (Delhi’s Police Commissioner), Delhiites will now face traffic blockage on full route only whenever India’s President – Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Indian Prime Minister – Mr. Manmohan Singh and Congress Chairperson – Smt. Sonia Gandhi will be passing by. Although, this will come as a relief to both the public as well as Traffic in general, it however definitely does NOT mean that if other VIPs like the Chief Minister of Delhi – Smt. Shiela Dikshit and others are travelling, the public won’t face traffic woes. Public will still be at the receiving end as the usual de-touring and blocking of limited traffic will be done, it’s just that the blow won’t be as harsh as a full route blockage.

The inclusion of Sonia Gandhi in the list comes as a shocking surprise at least to me. Agreed, that Mrs. Gandhi has a history of assassinations targeting her family members – both her Husband – Late Rajiv Gandhi and her Mother-in-Law – Late Indira Gandhi were assassinated in public, but that really doesn’t mean that she enjoys the same privileges or for that matter even same security measures as both the President and the Prime Minister of the nation. If she would’ve been the President or the Prime Minister of India, this move by the Traffic Commissioner was justified. The fact of the matter is that she’s currently just a political party’s chief – period. Is the Traffic Commissioner willing to extend the same privilege to other Party Chairpersons like Nitin Gadkari (BJP) or for that matter Behenji (pun inteded) Mayawati (BSP)? If not, then in my opinion this kind of partiality is simply unjustified and should be opposed.




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