Bakwaas Advertising – Not Really

9 04 2010

Advertising a product is a way to promote the product’s USP (Unique Selling Point) and also to make the public aware of what makes the advertised product different from other products offering similar utility to the user. Therefore, it is very critical for a company to choose the right content, medium and time of the advert for making an impact on the user.

There are some Advertisements and Advertising Campaigns which are truly remarkable and strike a chord with the public immediately and leave a lasting impression on them. One such Advertising campaign was the ‘Harvest Gold: Bakwaas Advertising – First Class Bread” campaign. This was a series of Advertisements which were published once every week (Friday) on the last page of “Delhi Times” – the supplementary magazine section of the leading Indian daily “Times of India”. The Adverts made a poetic mockery of the current and usually most popular issue or news which was in the minds of the people at that moment and simultaneously also advertised the Harvest Gold Bread. Though, the campaign started in 1997 and continued for a long time, it was later discontinued probably because it was becoming boring for both the brand as well as the readers.

Harvest Gold recently resumed it’s print media campaign in collaboration with the Ad Agency – “Equus Red Cell” and “Times of India” for carrying out similar advertisements in the same fashion as before. And, although the new campaign boasts of the same look and feel which the readers can instantly relate to even after a decade, the content is absolutely new and funny. The agency also gave away the serial numbering which they used to give to their advertisements, probably to assure freshness.

Here is one of the latest advertisements of this campaign:


One of the newer HG Advertisements




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