Love, Sex Aur Dhoka

5 04 2010

For those who’re thinking that this is a review of the Movie with the same name, you’ll need to wait for some more time as I haven’t watched the movie as of yet. However, this post is about the real life Love, Sex and Deceit scandal that is continuously dogging two Indo-Pak sport stars, leaving a sour taste in their mouth at a time when they should be busy preparing for their marriage. The sport stars in picture being India’s Tennis star – Sania Mirza and Pakistan’s Cricketer – Shoaib Malik.

Ayesha, Shoaib & Sania

As soon as the news broke that Sania Mirza will be marrying Shoaib Malik, the Media was abuzz with questions like “Will Sania play for India after Marriage?”, “Where will the couple reside?” etc. However, this buzz soon turned to another murkier direction as soon as Shoaib’s alleged estranged first wife – Ayesha Siddiqui and her family surfaced and started floating allegations against Shoaib of deserting and deceiving her. The allegations are serious and can act as a party pooper for both the Malik as well as the Mirza families. And if proven right, these will just establish that while Ayesha was after Love, Shoaib after Sex and it is Sania who’s being a victim of a “Dhoka” being given to her by the Pakistani Cricketer in this whole episode.




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