Tez Taare – More than just Tarot Predictions

25 03 2010

Almost everyone is fascinated and eager to know his/her future. Though, there are some people who don’t believe in future and believe that they are in full control of their deeds in the present and thus create their future themselves. Still almost 95% of the people would love to know what their future holds for them.

But, what do you do when there’s a plethora of Television programs providing advice in the form of daily, weekly and monthly forecasts utilizing star gazing, horoscope reading and Tarot Card reading? Are these programs all correct? If Yes, then how does a person who got the prediction of having a great day receives a pink slip from his office the very same day?

Well, there could be many reasons why these programs cannot be 100% accurate, the most basic one being that these are targeted to a huge audience and can’t really address each individual’s personal or professional life. So, does that mean these are all gimmicks and are nothing but a time waste? Not really, because although these programs cannot predict everyone’s future, they really do offer an insight on the general condition of each Sun sign. And of course, if you’re really so serious of knowing what your future holds for you, I would suggest you visit a good astrologer to delve into that domain.

TezTaare A screen capture of Tez Taare

I personally like one program – “Tez Taare” which comes on the news channel ‘Aaj Tak’ and have been watching this program since 2007. I watch it 25% for it’s Tarot predictions which surprisingly are most of the times correct (at least for me) and 75% for the mythological stories and facts which it’s host – ‘Sonal Verma’ narrates with great élan. These very facts and stories which Sonal Verma narrates makes this program stand out from the crowd of programs which are on offer on the various channels nowadays. Even if you’re not interested in knowing your future and don’t believe in horoscopes or Tarot Predictions, you will definitely appreciate the stories which the host tells during the course of providing the insight on the daily predictions for the various Sun signs. The stories range from mythological stories of various cultures around the world to stories from the once very famous children’s book “Chanda Mama”.

“Tez Taare” comes daily on the news channel ‘Aaj Tak’ at 7:00AM and its repeat telecast comes on another news channel ‘Tez’ at 8:30AM (for the late risers). Do give it a shot and let me know what do you think.




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29 04 2010

i want you contact number. Please provide me E-mail or any contact number.

30 04 2010

Check your E-Mail Sonia…

22 03 2011

dear if u get kindly provide to me also

10 05 2010
Rajat Saxena

Respected mam,
I am requesting u please give me ur any kind of contact number or e mail address because i want to know something about my love mate and i look tez taare daily. pls reply mam because i am in trouble.
she refuse to make marriage with me bacause i am kayastha and she is pandit so, please guide me mam because i love her a lot.

10 05 2010
CooL Vick$

You know what Rajat… Just forget this ‘Pandit’ girl. There are so many beautiful and intelligent ‘Kayasth’ girls out there just waiting for you to choose them.

On a serious note – Sorry! buddy, this is not the Official portal of Sonal Verma. Try googling more on her and I am sure you will be able to get her contact details (I was able to get her Official Phone Number just by Googling).

7 06 2010
danny panther

Search for one in india ,,u will find a herd of them ,,,,,POOR BAKRAS

7 06 2010
danny panther

Search for one ,,u will find a million in india ,,,poor BAKRAAS

7 06 2010
danny panther

Shame on AAJ TAK and shame on you sonal verma , u are only fooling innocent people , if u are a human u need to know that nobody on the planet can predict someone else,s future or happenings ,leave alone others ,i bet u cannot predict the future about your ownself . Our corrupt politicians together with the evil media always hyping fake, immodest , gossip and programmes only to brainwash the young and old alike , ******* * *** ****** [censored] could help your programme to run and u could easily get away with punking them ,,hooray sonal verma ,,dont cheat people .

9 06 2010
CooL Vick$

Get a life danny boy… Why resort to flaming? If you don’t like Sonal Verma or Aaj Tak, just change your channel and watch something else. I am sure you will enjoy watching India TV and their weird news snippets. LOL!

9 06 2010
danny panther

Mr Cool , this is about cheating of the innocents ,,you need to be human to understand it ,if u see a crime ,u could close ur eyes and walk away ,but if u care ,,,,u could try resolving it in 3 different levels according to your logic and understanding . This menace of people like sonal verma and many others are duping the innocents and as i told u we have BAKRAAS in herds , atleast start a conversation or a debate rather than just close the TV as u said and wait for people getting punked and pared of their will . Debate Mr cool ,,discuss , open ur eyes ,,care for the life what god has given , dont let a loose crank up ur minds of filth which is what is hurting ,,,,but IF U CARE .

9 06 2010
danny panther

Mr Cool ,its not about different TV channels and their TRP,s ,,im least interested in all that media filth which they are coming up to , its about innocent people who are getting duped . Plain and simple english ,,im not using english terms from our ex-president Bush , The oxford dictionary still is figuring out what terms he used to use when talking about 9/11 or invasion of IRAQ . Its just simple english CHEATING PEOPLE BACKED UP BY THE EVIL MEDIA .

13 06 2010
CooL Vick$

Danny Boy, you wanna debate – I’m game for it. But, at least do it in a disciplined manner. I’ll send you an E-Mail with my Yahoo Messenger ID, let’s have a debate on the messenger. Comments section is not the right forum to have a debate and to prove a point.

13 06 2010
danny panther

Yes Mr Cool , why i opted for my opinions on the FORUM cos of the essence of time which we get indulged in a messenger ,but im very well aware that a messenger can do up the magic instantly , but we can amke up time for it ,very good .

13 06 2010
danny panther

but we can make up time for it ,very good

13 06 2010
danny panther

Anticipating ur reply anxiously

14 06 2010

Dear Sonal

i m your regular viewer.pls pls giv me your email ID i really want to contact u..urgent pls

14 06 2010

Dear pls make it urgent i need your help as soon as possible

18 07 2010
krishna verma

i dont know what is my rashi and i also want to know about my future. can i go foreign in this year before my marriage

18 07 2010
krishna verma

plz give me answer as soon as possible i m dying to know abt my future

19 07 2010
Bhavna Vedi

Dear Madam

Kindly send me your contact details.

19 07 2010

hi plz send me your contact no

19 07 2010

dear mam,
plz send me your contact no and your email_id, i need it, its very urgent Plz…………….

30 07 2010

Dear Mam,
Watching Tez Taare is a part of my daily routine life.I try to follow all your instructions.Recently I am suffering from real troubles,mam I want to discuss my problem with you. Please send me your contact details,so that I can contact you soon. I really need this. Thanking you in anticipation.

16 08 2010

Dear mzm,
please kindly give your any contact number or e-mail id because i need your help.

14 09 2010
Rakesh Juyal

O yea, i too think so. Her prediction are accurate atleast for me. and unbelievably it was always accurate for me.

30 09 2010
jasvir singh

hello madam i m jasvir singh from ludhiana mai govt. job mei hu my date of birth 25-09-1988 on 03:10 pm mai apne is saal ke bare mei janana chahta hu aur apni marrige k bare mai k konse saal mei acchi rahegi aur kab m

5 10 2010
Vikas duggal

Hi mam, this is vikas duggal, i m watching ur show regularly, and worried about my future, regarding my job and community. Plz reply me on my email. Plz

5 11 2010

pls send me the real contact details of Ms. Sonal Verma.


8 11 2010
anita poswal

i want to know about my marriage

15 11 2010

respected madam ,
i want my horoscopes on the date of 26-03-1986.
name sandeep kumar chandel

15 11 2010

dear mem, plz provide ur mail id
thank u

24 11 2010

mam next month mera divoce hai mujhe kisi bhi tarah rokna hai plz koi bhi contact num batadijiye meri life spoil horahi hai mam

25 11 2010
HI mam this is harsha arora i m watching ur show regularly, and worried about my future, regarding my married life my married life on very critical stage so pls mam i need ur help pls mam

HI mam this is harsha arora i m watching ur show regularly, and worried about my future, regarding my married life my married life on very critical stage so pls mam i need ur help pls mam my dob 4march 1985 time 12.05 afternoon my husdand dob 7 april 1983 12.35 afternoon both born in delhi

30 11 2010
neha sahu

hello, sonal mam i want ur help soon by tarot reading . plz give me ur email id to contact u. plz… ts urgent..

15 12 2010

pls send ur id to me pls

15 12 2010

Mam plz its about my mom health plz help me

17 12 2010
Neha Pandey

Plz tell me my daily predictions by daily mails.nd my date of birth is-07.08.1985

4 01 2011
sonal mam

dear mam,\
i am sunita rani. i want know about marriage & service.so plz mam tell me soon.
date of birth-05-08-1972
but my date of birth not confirm.so plz tell me by tarot cards.

my id -*************@gmail.com [E-Mail address hidden to avoid Spamming]

13 01 2011

plz..send me ur email.id i want to know about myself..its very urgent.

13 01 2011

plz..send me ur email.id..

26 01 2011

I need the email id of tez taare hoisted by Sonal verma.

2 02 2011

mam mera dob 11/1/1984 TOb 12.55 am Or POB Jaipur h . meri shaadi kab tak hogi or me kisi ko pasand karti hu kya usse ho payegi plz tell me ???

9 02 2011
Gaurav Gupta

mam frst of all i wud lyk to say der r son many prediction shows vich shown by diffrent networks daily but i m so impressed with ur’s.spcly.jo ap stories btate ho..
mam i need ur Email id no.nhi manguga reasn i kw its diffcult to manage fr u to gv no.to various viewers..i wana discus wid u my love matter

9 02 2011
Gaurav Gupta

i belong to punjab.khud bolna ni chahta bt ap to btana pdega i m earning 50 000pm at my local place wid my own coaching centre and wid a job of polytechnic lecturer.v belong to same community.i did engineering.i m hardworking person,no drinking/smoking. kundli main 26 gunn milte hai.v luv each other mere parents agree,bt uske parents maan ni rahe aisa kya kru k wo maan jaye..? dey showing two problems-our status gap
(she is from rich family).m nt setteld yet(mean dey wana govt.job).and wo same city main hai toh es wjah se thodi local insult hogi sbko pta lgg jayegea ye prblm b hai.reply me on my mail gauravgupta****@gmail.com (moderated).though agar show lyt jaane ya kisi or wjah se miss b ho jaye i may got to kw.kal main apko apna or uska dob etc b mail krunga.

18 02 2011
tutu tiwary

to sonal mam
I am married lady and doing my business of running computer centre,pls tell me can i get govt. job my family financial condition is very bed these days can i do another business or i will get govt job or will go foreign country.
my DOB-28-3-1972
place of birth:salkiha at howarha
time:8:10 am

27 02 2011

hello mam
m from haryana
m not a daily viewer bt jb b dehti hu to jyda sch hi hota hai bt main chahti hu k aapka time bda diya jaye jisme aap hamari e-mail or lettr se b problms solve kre or plz meri ek problm hai meri shadi me bohot adchane aa rhi hai plz is problm k liye jrur rply ki koshish krna ya apna koi e-mail bta dijiye plz
meri id naina****@yahoo.com [E-Mail address hidden to avoid Spamming] hai. plz its a request mam plz

28 02 2011
anjala singh

Hi mam this is anjala singh….
i want toknow about my future and marriage…
my date of birth is 31.08.1983…

4 03 2011

Hahahaha….Mr. Cool, I’m pretty sure you now have an idea of the IQ level of the ‘regular’ watchers of the show. You sound intelligent by the way you write, and I’m not going to argue with you over the whole ‘tarot’ and ‘horoscope’ business. But I do suggest you put these guys out of their misery by posting the URL of Sonal Verma’s webpage that contains her ‘Official Phone Number’.

(Congrats on the no. of hits to this post.)

21 03 2011
harinder kaur grover

i want you contact number. Please provide me E-mail or any contact number .

4 04 2011

i am 30 year old wants to know about future and marriage , also wants to know what is good for me business or govt job .
By d.o.b 26-4-1981
place of birth Srinagar (J&k)

5 04 2011
Pankaj Kumar

HI mam my name is Pankaj Kumar i m watching ur show regularly, and want to know about my future like job or business
my DOB 17.5.1972
Time 1 to 2 AM (in night)
Place : Roorkee

8 04 2011
Vandana Dwarkani

I born in Kolkata. My DOB is 2.11.1984 and my family members are in depressing mood because of my marriage. I am still virgin. Actually my kundli didnot match with anyone. How should I proceed? Will I get married this year or ……

21 04 2011
smt ritu roy

mam plz tell me how i daily got your prediction without seeing tv on internet

21 04 2011
smt ritu roy

plz ttell me hw i get daily prediction

23 04 2011
Divya Goel

1=Meri life mai bahut problems ho rah hai mai job karti hu par us se satisfy nah hu meri bank mai job kab tak lagenge.

2=Aur mai ek ko bahut like karti hu par us ka ekse mane nah bharta hai mai janti hu ki wo galte hai par mai usse bahut pyar karti hu hum ko usse shadi karni chahiya ki nah aur agar shadi ho jae to kya success hai ki nah.

3=Aur agar meri shadi kise aur se hoti hai to kya mai happy rahugi ki nah.

5 05 2011


I really want to know that from when tez taare will be start. I used to see tez taare every day. So please tell me from when it is going to start…


7 05 2011

75% of ur predictions matches,works..n d tips too…bt the matter is i dont get time to watch aaj tak everyday,bt i would like to get the website where u post everyday predictions,n tips.
Also the whole years tip,almost evrything what u can..basically iam a libran,iam intrested to get predictions through email or websites of ur own or aajtak…thankyou maam

14 08 2011

hiiiiiiiiiiii i m pooja. love u n miss u.

14 08 2011

pl send ur e mail id 4 question at tez taare

28 08 2011
Jagdeep singh

I am 21 I am in a relationship with a girl we want to get married one day can you tell me when that will happen and when I will get a good job for myself I was born on 24 october 1989

5 01 2012
Nikhil jaiswal

Dear mam
i m big follower of your prediction thanks

18 02 2012

its really a true show……………i luv this show………………….no words…………..

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